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One of our most inquired about products is the tankless water heater.  These are
the most efficient water heaters on the market.  They are efficient not only because
of how well they utilize the gas that goes into them but because they do not have to
constantly keep an entire tank full of water hot at all times. These water heaters can
actually heat water faster than you can use it!  This also allows you take those 30
minute showers that you dream about and not have to worry about the nightmares
of running out of hot water.  They are also very reliable because they have been
tested in homes in Europe for years.  This is not a product that just hit the shelves, it
simply too awhile to make it to the United States.

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3/4 inch gas line
115 volt power supply
3/4 inch water line

Many home owners today are using zoning systems in their homes.  Zoning
systems simply restrict heating capacity to one area or another at any time, based
on which areas do or do not need heating.  A zoning system allows a master suite
to have its own thermostat and control its temperature while other rooms have
separate thermostats to control their temperatures.  And the greatest part is that you
can accomplish this without having to install a separate heating system in each
room.  The zoning system allows you to individually control different areas of a
building all from one central system!